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Press Releases:

Briefing on Public Transportation,
Jobs, and a Clean Energy Economy

US Railcar President Testifies Before  House Subcommittee On
High-Speed Rail in the United States: Opportunities and Challenges

Click here to view video of testimony
Our testimony appears at 2hr and 47 mins. He answers questions and make a closing statement at 3hr 33 mins

- Oral Summary

US Railcar Participates in House Subcommittee Roundtable Discussion
On Intercity and High-Speed Rail

US Railcar to Resume Production of Former  Colorado Railcar DMU


Rail panel on board with diesel cars from Ohio

US Railcar CEO goes to Washington
Business First of Columbus - by Adrian Burns

Ohio Company Eyes Stimulus Money for Train Factory

Ohio Commission to Consider
Several Rail Projects, One Rail-Car Plant Proposal

Rail Car Plant May Roll Into Gahanna

Webs sites and photos:

Commuter Rail Demonstration visits Jacksonville

The DMU is a beloved by many. Here are just a few links which feature the Former Colorado Rail DMU.

DMU Poster

Poster by US Railcar artist, Matt Zelnik

Tri Met - West Side Express Service
- Thomas Le Ngo

Luxury Under Glass The Ultra-Dome Experience
- Jody Moore

A round trip abroad the Colorado Rail DMU Fullerton to Irvine 6/27/03
- Chris Guenzler

RR Picture Archives
- Marty Bernard

Vermont Rail Action Network

We would like to acknowledge the photographers who have provided us with the wonderful images of our DMUs:
Thomas Le Ngo and Bill V. Cronenberg


Committee Chair John Mica (R-FL) spoke out strongly for passenger railcar manufacturer US Railcar at the first Midwestern stop on a nationwide tour for Transportation and Infrastructure meetings.

Mention of US Railcar at 27:34 into the video


RTD Fast Tracks

US Railcar SCORT Presentation