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Unique One of a Kind Luxury

In the historic tradition of the Budd and Pullman-Standard cars of years gone by, US Railcar Company is proud to bring back to market its legendary one-of-a-kind "Ultradome" luxury passenger railcars. Perfect for the specific needs of vacation passenger rail lines, businesses or individuals. Imagine viewing the landscape through uninterrupted wall to ceiling domed glass as you sit in your stateroom or lay on your king-sized bed looking at the night sky. The double-deck dome-lounge car can have such amenities as; a piano bar, dance floor, lounge room with mezzanine and dining facilities.

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US Railcar has introduced domed luxury railcars in Alaska between Anchorage, Denali, and Fairbanks as comfortable coach models but we can also provide cars much along the lines of vintage Sleeper-cars once used on various North American passenger trains of the past. We plan to offer sleeping cars with Grand Suites with your choice of King and Queen-sized bed or with an upper berth if you’re a traditionalist.

Even the luxury “Ultradomes” are built with the same dependable standards as our passenger DMUs. Offered in two types of railcars, self-propelled and non-powered commuter coaches, which are available in single or bi-level. The self propelled vehicles can pull two other coaches with their two 600 horsepower (450 kw) diesel engines. The non-powered coaches have a high level of parts commonality with the DMU offerings. With air-conditioning units, generators for  lighting and heating for each individual carriage. All are designed for convenient repair or replacement. They can be rolled out sideways in a built-in drawer, and can be repaired overnight.

Call on us to design and build your specialty need railcar as either a one-of-a kind or fleet of cars.