US Railcar - USR


The US Railcar Single, and Double Deck, DMU provides both propulsion and seating capacity with engines that are the right size for the vehicles they propel. This makes the engine less expensive and easier to maintain.

The Tri-Met DMUThe benefits of the US Railcar DMU are many including:

  1. Lower Operation Costs
  2. Better Fuel Economy
  3. 72% Less Pollution
  4. 75% Less Noise


DMU requires less fuel and maintenance

Lower Operation Costs
During the DMU’s lifetime you can expect to save:

  1. 50% or more on fuels costs
  2. 30% or more on maintenance

Because the US Railcar DMU replaces a locomotive, there are less vehicles to maintain. One Double Deck DMU replaces a locomotive, a bi-level coach, plus another 1/3 coach.


DMU uses a shorter trackInfrastructure Savings 
Because US Railcar provides the same volume of service with fewer vehicles, the platform need is 43% less than other platforms. Other benefits include, smaller yards and smaller, less complicated maintenance facilities when compared to other locomotive-hauled trains.