US Railcar - USR


DMU uses rolled steelUS Railcar is the world’s only 49 CFR Part 238 Compliant DMU. No Waivers and No Time Separations Needed.

Meets or exceeds new FRA and APTA structural safety specification for:

  • 800,000 Pound Compressive End Load Strength
  • 300,000 Pound Cab Corner Post Strength
  • 500,000 Pound Cab Collision Post Strength
  • 100,000 Pound Cab Anti-Climbing Mechanism
  • Side Structure Impact Strength
  • Roof Structure Rollover Strength

The FRA has very stringent requirements for passenger and commuter vehicles, the majority of which can be found in the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR). Both platforms are fully compliant with existing Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) safety standards for crashworthiness as established by the Department of Transportation and approved for immediate use on the national rail system. 

Unlike European & Asian DMUs, the US Railcar DMU can operate in all mixed-mode freight corridors throughout the country without waivers and/or temporal separation agreements currently required for non-compliant foreign platforms.